Sunday, February 23, 2014 2:30pm390px-Trumpets02262006

Experience the sonic splendor of Brass and Organ in the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis.

Hear the 7,621 pipes of the Great Cathedral Organ and a quintet of St. Louis Symphony Brass players in this special performance of brass and organ music, written to be performed in a space such at the Cathedral Basilica.

Cathedral Organist Gereon Krahforst will be joined by a St. Louis Symphony Brass Quintet featuring:
Karin Bliznik, trumpet
Caroline Schafer, trumpet
Jonathan Reycraft, trombone
Roger Kaza, horn
Mike Sanders, tuba

Eugène Gigout    Grand Choeur Dialogué (Organ+Brass)           
1844 – 1925

Anton Bruckner     Ave Maria (Organ+Brass)                                   
1824 – 1896

Alexandre Guilmant    Morceau Symphonique op. 88                       
1837 – 1911                                              
(arr. for trombone and organ by Klemens Schnorr)

Richard Wagner    Prelude to the 3rd Act of “Tannhaeuser” (Organ Solo)       
1813 – 1886                                                

Johann Sebastian Bach   Concerto in C after A. Vivaldi, BWV 594           
1685 – 1750    

Claude Debussy   Girl with the Flaxen Hair                                   
1864 – 1918 

Alexandre Guilmant  Finale alla Schumann                                   
1837 – 1911 

John Cheetham    Allusions (Brass)
b. 1939

Giovanni Gabrieli   Canzon Septimi Toni
1554 – 1612

George Frederick Handel   Ouverture from “Occasional Oratory”   (Organ solo)       
1685 – 1750                                               

Gustav Mahler    Finale from 3rd Symphony  “What God tells me”                      
1860 – 1911    


Tickets: $17, $12

Tickets available at the door beginning at 1:30 PM.









Welcomed by

Paul Mittelstadt